Project Description


The client was a a new practice of family physicians who come to your home, office, hotel room or most anywhere you are to meet your healthcare needs. The challenge was to identify the core elements of the practice that would serve as key brand identifiers and guide marketing and PR strategy as well provide a culture of care for patients.

Our Approach

Using our proprietary branding methodology, we uncovered a robust brand position for this practice that highlighted its strengths and distinguished it from emerging competitors as well as traditional “bricks and mortar” physicians. Unlike other branding methods, our approach uncovered the personal motivations of patients and guided the development of a strategy, message elements and culture for all partner physicians.


In the words of the client:

“Mary Beth enabled us to get to the root of what will drive success…We didn’t get just a sales pitch to market. Rather, we got information on what defines our brand…This is an invaluable resource for any business, new or existing….It reassures the client that the end product will be successful.”

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