Iish Ryaru

Systems Change to Improve Learner Experiences and Outcomes

Engaged Advisors partners with equity-focused school districts, county offices of education, colleges and universities, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations on systems change initiatives to improve learner experiences and outcomes. We help design and deliver user-centered change processes based on evidence-informed practices and local experience.

Engaged Advisors works with partners to:
• engage communities in the development of an overall direction for change
• plan for change, with clear goals, outcomes, and success metrics
• implement an action plan to bring the change initiative to life—with attention to the dynamics that may shift in real time during the implementation process
• improve systems, policies, and outcomes to keep the momentum going for the change initiative

Change processes are dynamic — whether organizations are working to scale a new instructional approach, create a new policy, or roll out a new training program. These types of changes require adaptability to address emergent issues — from changes in personnel at the local level, to national and state events that can impact even the best-laid plans. When Engaged Advisors works with partners, we keep that reality front and center. We continuously focus on both the overall direction for change and areas where specific adjustments may be needed. We tap into research, best practices, and decades of real world experience with local, regional, and state education systems to help implement meaningful changes for learners and educators.

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